5 Best Ways to Remove Pet Hair From Clothes

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You love your pets (they’re members of your family!) and they bring so much love and fun to our daily lives, but there is one thing you can’t love – the way they shed hair! It gets all over your furniture, carpets, and clothes and when you come to clean their bedding it can get into your washing machine so your next wash could be affected.

It’s pretty frustrating to get all ready to go out into town or to a work meeting, only to say goodbye to your fur baby, step out the door, and realize you’re covered in pet hair. So, what can you do?

Can I Use the Washing Machine or Dryer? 

You can use your washing machine or dryer, but you need to remove as much hair as you can before putting it in so you don’t clog up the internal mechanisms in your washing machine, or simply spread the hair around to other clothes in your dryer. The other issue with trying to use a dryer to remove pet hair is that quite a lot of static is produced and so the hair is likely to settle back onto your clothes as soon as the spinning stops.

Best Way to Remove Pet Hair: In the Washer… with Fur Magic Pet Hair Catchers

If you’re looking to just throw hairy clothes into the washing machine, you can, just make sure you use a Fur Magic Pet Laundry Bag or Fur Magic Hair Catchers which are little disks that will catch and collect the fur as it’s washed. This way, you won’t clog up your machine and end up with expensive repairs!

Best Way to Remove Pet Hair: Fur Magic Travel Brush

The Fur Magic Travel-Size Brush is a great pet hair remover to keep on hand or throw into your handbag so you can quickly remove those stray pet hairs you always notice when sitting on the train, in traffic, or right before an important meeting. Just like the larger size (see below) it’s completely reusable so makes a great investment for your pet hair removal kit!

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Best Way to Remove Pet Hair: With a Fur Magic Reusable Roller

Lint rollers you buy from the supermarket are often poor quality, break easily, and you have to use a lot of roller each time which produces a lot of waste. Not to mention how expensive it can get if you have pets that shed.

Instead, use our Fur Magic Reusable Roller [link: furmagic.co.uk/product/fur-magic-reusable-blue-roller/] which have a much more robust design (aka won’t snap under hard use and fly across the room). Instead of one-use sticky papers, it collects the fur in a compartment like a vacuum cleaner, which you can simply empty into the bin. So convenient!

Best Way to Remove Pet Hair: With a Fur Magic Removal Brush

Our Fur Removal Brushes are a seriously effective way to regularly remove pet hair from your clothes. Simply run the brush over your clothes, it will pick up all the pet fur and any lint, and then you dip the brush into the base which leaves it clean and ready to use again!

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Best Way to Remove Pet Hair: Fur Magic Pet Hair Removal Glove

Our Fur Magic Glove is great for grooming your pets and giving them a great massage, but you can also run it down your clothes when you get a particularly thick patch of fur. Often, thick areas take a few goes with a roller, simply because the fur is too dense for the sticky area to reach at first, so use a glove to remove the bulk of the hair and then the roller to remove those difficult single hairs.

The best way to get fully equipped to remove pet hair whenever you need to is to grab our Ultimate Grooming Kit, which will help you remove pet hair from yourself, as well as spend some quality grooming time with your pet!

Our Fur Magic products will save you wasting time and money on traditional lint rollers and ineffective lint-removal brushes and give you a pet hair removal kit that is effective and lasts! See our full range here.

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