How to Stop Pet Hair Piling Up at Home

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It’s frustrating when pet hair piles up at home, isn’t it? Your cat sheds everywhere and dog hair appears on carpets, sheets, and furniture.

In this article, we’ll tell you some quick ways to stop pet hair piling up at home. We’ll talk about cat hair and dog hair, however, these tricks work with any pet hair at home.

Moulting pets is a constant struggle and vacuuming doesn’t always do the trick. You also don’t want to pull the vacuum out every time you spot a few stray hairs.

As soon as you’ve cleaned, another pile appears somewhere, and it’s never clean. If you brush it off the sofa or your clothes, it just piles up on the floor. Then your shoes pick it up, and you take it all over the house.

It’s a never-ending battle, which you’re losing. Today you will learn how to overcome the battles and win the war against pet hair in your home.

How to Get Rid of Pet Hair on Bed Sheets

Our cats and dogs just love jumping up on our bed. They wake us up, play and enjoy lying in the comfy place that humans sleep. It’s no surprise that pet hair builds up on our bedsheets.

A quick way to remove pet hair is to add your sheets into the dryer using the Fur Magic Laundry Bag. Run it for just a few minutes, and the hair will attach to the reusable bag. You can then turn the bag inside out, wash it off, and leave it to dry so you can use it again.

How to Remove Cat Hair from Blankets

When trying to remove cat or dog hair from blankets and towels, you can use the same strategy we mentioned above. It’s a good idea to put a blanket or towel over your usual bedding to stop hair building up on your sheets.

If you know your dog or cat loves a certain spot on the bed (they do) then that’s where you should put the blanket or towel. When pet hair builds up on the towel, throw it in the wash with a Fur Magic Laundry Bag. This will protect your wash and collect the hair on the inside of the bag.

While these methods are great for sheets, towels and bedding they don’t work as well on carpets or couches. Carpets and couches require the vacuum, but this is a pain to repeat daily. A faster and easier solution would be to use the Fur Magic pet hair remover roller.

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How To Get Dog Hair Out of Carpet

Your dog’s luscious coat is great for hugs and rub downs, but not when the hair piles up on your carpet. The most common way to get rid of dog hair on your carpet is vacuuming or brushing. Most people groom their pets or try to sweep every day.

While grooming your pet can help reduce the amount of hair on your carpets, it’s impossible to stay ahead of the problem. It’s frustrating to pull out the vacuum every day, so a faster solution is to use the Fur Magic pet hair remover roller.

One option is to spray water onto your mop so it’s damp but not wet. You then rub the mop all over your carpet which will collect up all the hair. Although this is better than pulling out the clunky vacuum, it still doesn’t beat the Fur Magic pet hair remover roller. It’s also a little disgusting. Wet clumpy hair builds up on the mop and you have to clean it by hand.

You can use a damp cloth to clean off the mop and repeat this process to lump all the fur together. Then throw the ball of fur right in the trash. Vacuuming removes any leftovers and your carpets will be good as new.

You can also use rugs to protect your carpets and floors. Place the rugs in the right locations so you get the bulk of your pets’ hair when they shed. The rugs will collect the fur and stop it from spreading into every corner of the house.

When fur builds up on the rugs, you can take your rugs out and clean them or wash them. This is a huge bother to do every day, so the easiest option is to use the Fur Magic pet hair remover brush. Now we will finally win the battle against pet hair.

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How To Remove Cat Hair From Furniture

No matter what you do, cats will go where they want. They will climb on your furniture and leave little hairs everywhere. The best way to stop this is to brush your cat to reduce the amount they shed. Cats often enjoy this brushing so it’s a fun process.

Bathing your cat is not as fun. Cats hate the water, but we recommend bathing your cat at least once a month. If you do this, you’ll reduce the amount of cat fur that builds up around the home. Brushing and bathing is a lot of work, and no matter what you do, cat hair will still pile up.

Tireless Work For A Simple Task

The battle against pet hair continues. You put daily effort just to keep pet fur at bay. Brushing your pets, vacuuming and washing your sheets and blankets is all worth it for having your loving pet. But imagine if life was much easier?

We know at Fur Magic that it’s a small inconvenience of having a cute little doggy or curious kitty. If you’re struggling with cleaning pet hair from your furniture, clothing, floors, sheets and from every corner of your house, then try out Fur Magic pet hair removal tools. We make the highest quality pet hair removal products.

It’s time to win the war against pet hair at home. Check out Fur Magic removal products and get yours today.

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