Dog Shedding: How to Manage & Minimize Excessive Shedding


If you have a dog, then you have dog hair…and probably have it EVERYWHERE! Dog hair can be pervasive, and if left uncontrolled it will cover your carpet, your couch, your clothes and even get in your MOUTH! So, if you have a shedding pooch and want to live (as best you can) in a hair free environment, there are some steps you need to take.

Check out these tips below and keep in mind these steps must be taken CONSISTENTLY (once a week or more) for the best results.

Daily Dog Grooming Duty

You have to groom your dog regularly. It will help keep their coat healthy, help you bond with them, and cut way down on the shedding situation. Daily brushing (or at least every other day) is recommended. You’ll want to use a highly recommended dog brush that won’t hurt your pet while you brush. Glove brushes are also a fantastic way to accomplish this task as well. Our Fur Magic Grooming gloves are designed with bunch of tiny little rubber spikes on the palm and as you pet your pooch, the hair comes off on the glove! Just take it off the palm and continue. Your dog will LOVE these gloves and you will love all the hair they remove!

Address the Stress

One fact often overlooked about dogs is, when they stress, they shed. So, look for ways to help keep your pet calm and happy. Do you have a house that includes a musician? Do you love playing loud music? These things as well as loud arguing or yelling can stress your pup out causing excess shedding. Make sure your pet has a quiet place in the house to relax in if the noise level goes up and this will help to keep the shedding to a minimum.


Fire up the Vacuum!

Once you have a handle on helping control the hair production on your pooch, it’s time to get to cleaning the existing hair around the house. Make sure you have a vacuum that is made to deal with pet hair. Otherwise, your vacuuming session won’t last long. Pet hair can clog even high-end vacuums and render their motors useless in no time at all unless they are specifically designed to handle the hairy mess. Make sure to vacuum in the corners and edges of each room where hair can accumulate. Oftentimes, it will take 2 or more passes with the vacuum to get up the bulk of the pet hair and you may need one or more of the attachments to ensure a job well done.

dog shedding

Time to Tackle Everything Else in the House

Once you have taken care of all the floors and carpets in the home, it’s time to DE-SHED the rest of the house. This includes couches, chairs, and of course, YOU! There are many tools on the market today to help with these tasks. Fur Magic offers everything you need to ensure your house is HAIR FREE! Our grooming gloves as we mentioned are a hit, but we also offer hair removing brushes and eco-friendly pet hair rollers that make hair removal extremely easy and quick. Any or all of these can work in combination to turn your house HAIR FREE more quickly than you ever thought possible!

So, while you love your dog (and we do too!) their hair can be a serious issue. But if you are in a serious shedding situation, don’t for one-minute stress, just follow the tips above and you can remove the mess!

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