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How to manage shedding?


Cats spend about 10% of their waking time grooming but they may need some extra help time to time. Short-haired cats need to be groomed around once a week to prevent their fur from becoming tangled and matted. Grooming also helps to prevent the formation of hairballs which can cause intestinal blockages. The best way to groom your cat is to create a routine, so you brush your cat when they are calm and relaxed. It is a great opportunity for bonding and for a quick health check looking out for any fleas and injuries that are hidden under the fur. It also promotes a healthy and shiny coat.


Make sure that your grooming tool is designed for cats with long, fluffy coat. It is also important that your cat is comfortable with your choice, otherwise grooming time will become a burden. You may have to try different tools to find the one your cat is most happy with.


For cats with slightly matted coat, use a wide-tooth comb and work slowly. They may need multiple grooming sessions to get rid of the knots completely. If matting is very severe, you should seek professional advice from your vet about how to deal with the matting.


Give your cat nutritious food full of vitamins and minerals that is right for their age. It will help to keep their coat healthy and shiny.

Tips for grooming

Grooming should always be done very gently without pushing the tool down onto the skin. Start on the areas your cat is most used to being touched. Use short strokes to mimic the way a cat would groom themselves and always move the tool in the same direction the fur is growing.

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