Origin and characteristics

The Cocker Spaniel is a very popular breed, originated in Spain. “Spaniel” means Spanish dog. Cocker Spaniels are the smaller variation of the Spaniel breed and were originally used for hunting.

There are two main types of Cocker Spaniel; these are the American Cocker Spaniel and the English Cocker Spaniel. The English breed is the original one.

They are eager to please and love being close to their owners. They’re a good option for first time owners too. The Cocker Spaniel is an extremely affectionate breed, which means they don’t like being left alone for longer periods of time. Cocker Spaniels are a pleasure to own. They are gentle and loving animals and great companion of family dog. They love taking part in family activities. They have a lovely and even temperament, they are good with children, other pets, and the elderly, which also makes them excellent therapy dogs. They are known to have a sensitive personality and they do not respond well to harsh treatment.

Early training and socialisation are necessary to teach them good manners. They are smart and highly trainable.

Due to their relatively small size, they are suited to living in an apartment, but they also love to have a bit of space or a back garden. Although they don’t need large areas to run around, it is important to take them out for their daily exercise. It’s recommended to let them exercise at least 1 hour a day.

We mustn’t forget – the Cocker Spaniel was primarily was bred to be a hunting dog, so it’s normal for them to chase birds and small animals. Therefore, they should be kept on a leash when taken for a walk to avoid them running away or running into traffic.

The most important thing is not to allow them to get bored. This can lead to destructive behaviour, such as chewing, barking and digging. They have a healthy appetite, so to avoid them becoming obese, it’s very important not to allow them to overeat.

  • Lifespan: 12 -15 Years

  • Size: 36 – 43 cm

  • Weight: 12 – 16 kg

  • Breed group: Gundog

  • Coat: long

Coat, Shedding, Grooming

The Cocker Spaniel is a very handsome breed with their cute big round eyes, long ears and a beautiful shiny coat. English Cocker Spaniels have a double coat. They have a softer and thicker coat under their shiny, long and silky textured topcoat.

They must be introduced to the grooming routine at a young age, so that they learn to accept the handling.

Daily brushing at home is necessary to keep the coat free of tangles and mats, but it’s recommended for this breed to pay regular visits to a professional groomer every 6 to 8 weeks. They have long hair on their ears, chest, belly, and legs. Some owners prefer to trim these areas to make it easier to care for them.

How to manage shedding?

All Cocker Spaniels shed to some degree. The best way to deal with excess fur is through regular grooming and brushing as well as clipping and trimming.

Even if your dog barely sheds any hair, regular grooming is still recommended. Regular brushing will remove loose hair from their coat.

It is important to choose the right shampoo that moisturises your dog’s skin, so it doesn’t get dry or irritated.

Bathing your dog with the right shampoo will help to get rid of dead and loose hair and wash their hair thoroughly. You should brush out any tangles before bathing your dog. When bathed regularly and brushed twice a week, they will shed hair a lot less and you will see hardly any hair on your clothes or on the furniture or floor.

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