Origin and characteristics

Cavapoos were first bred in American during the 1950’s by breeders who wanted to create a low-shedding dog that would be an ideal choice for people who suffer from allergies. The Cavapoo is a cross between two pure breeds, namely a Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Today, the Cavapoo remains one of the most popular new breeds on the planet even though it’s a bit of a gamble as to how puppies turn out when it comes to size, looks and temperament. The Cavapoo can inherit many of the characteristics and personalities of their parent breeds and they are known for being affectionate, friendly and loyal companions and family pets which is why they have consistently been among the most popular cross breeds in the UK and elsewhere in the world for such a long time. They are extremely sweet-natured which means they get on with everyone and everything.

Cavapoos are extremely people-oriented and love being in a home environment. They are also known to get on well with children of all ages and when well socialised from a young age. They like being around other dogs and pets too. They are very social dogs by nature and get on with everyone.

They are a good choice for first time dog owners providing they do not leave their pets alone for too long. Cavapoos hate being left on their own and suffer from separation anxiety. They are known to be sensitive dogs by nature and as such they do not answer well to any sort of harsh correction or heavy-handed training

Cavapoos are very intelligent and therefore in the right hands are easy to train. Cavapoos are extremely adaptable and are just as happy living in an apartment in town as they are living in a house in the country, providing they are given enough daily exercise and mental stimulation to prevent boredom from setting in.

Cavapoos are good watchdogs and will quickly let an owner know when there are strangers about or when something is going on in their environment that they don’t like.

Cavapoos have short muzzles and they are extremely sensitive to heat so during the hotter summer months, care should be taken to ensure a dog does not overheat.

  • Lifespan:  13-15 Years

  • Size:  33-45 cm

  • Weight: 5-10 kg

  • Breed group: hybrid

  • Coat: silky or wavy

Coat, Shedding, Grooming

Cavapoos can have silky or wavy coats depending on which of their parent breeds they have thrown to. Some Cavapoos can have silky coats which they inherit from the Cavalier whereas others have a wavier coat which is a good indication they have thrown more to the Poodle. Some Cavapoos are considered hypoallergenic, while others shed quite a lot of hair.

Cavapoos need to be groomed on a regular basis to make sure their coats and skin are kept in top condition, bearing in mind that they are high maintenance and benefit from being professionally groomed several times a year.

How to manage shedding?

A Cavapoo’s coat can be quite different from dog to dog. As such it depends on their coat type as to how much grooming is needed to keep things tidy. If they boast having a longer coat, then more frequent grooming would be necessary with some owners having their Cavapoos regularly clipped which makes managing things that much easier in between visits to a grooming parlour and it’s best to have a Cavapoos coat professionally groomed every 4 to 6 weeks.

Their coats generally need to be brushed every day or so to prevent any knots and tangles from forming and a daily groom helps reinforce the bond between dog and owner with Cavoos loving the one-to-one attention they get during a grooming session.

Having the right grooming tools to keep a Cavapoo’s skin and coat in good condition makes the task that much easier. The tools needed are as follows:

  • A pin or bristle brush
  • A slicker brush
  • A metal wide toothed comb
  • Tweezers
  • Nail clippers
  • A pair of round ended scissors
  • Detangler
  • Dog specific shampoo and conditioner

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