Origin and characteristics 

Whilst they’re a relatively new breed, their direct ancestors, the Toy Spaniel, have been around for centuries and were the chosen companion of royalty between the 16th and 19th century. Among many things the Cavalier has inherited from their Spaniel cousins is their intelligence. This coupled with their eagerness to please means they’re generally relatively easy to train. This makes them a regular favourite at dog shows around the world.

Cavalier’s get along with just about anyone, especially children for whom they make great playmates. This dependent breed has a soft personality and is never happier than when they feel they’ve pleased their human. They don’t respond well to being left at home alone. They always need to be around their human and can’t be left on their own for longer periods of time, as this may lead to separation anxiety.

They’re very gentle natured and it’s incredibly rare for them to show any aggression towards anyone. Generally, they can live happily with other dogs and often even cats, especially if they’re introduced at an early age. They’re the perfect dog breed for a first-time owner.

Their small size, temperament and adaptability mean the Cavalier can live comfortably in an apartment so long as they they’re provided with plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. They don’t require a large garden, but it must be safe, because they can escape if their hunting instinct kicks in.

Unfortunately, thanks to their Spaniel heritage, they’re often not best suited to a house with small animals, especially birds because they have a high prey drive. This means they’re very happy to chase smaller animals like birds, so it’s a good idea to keep them on a leash when out on a walk and to ensure your garden is secure.

  • Lifespan:  9 – 15 Years

  • Size:  30 – 33 cm

  • Weight: 6-8 kg

  • Breed group: companion

  • Coat: medium and silky double coat

Coat, Shedding, Grooming

Cavaliers are a double coated breed. They have a downy undercoat and a guard hair top coat.

During the summer the Cavalier sheds the downy undercoat and you will need to get all that undercoat out. The top coat protects the Cavalier from heat and sun burns.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have beautiful silky multi-coloured top-coats that are one of the most desirable and definable features of the dog breed. However, in order to maintain that coat, they have to shed… a lot.

Cavaliers will shed at an average rate which means they should be brushed or combed at least once a week. Their shedding, like many other breeds, will increase in spring and autumn at which time you will need to brush/comb them daily. Pay particularly attention to the feathering on their tail, feet, legs, chest, and ears. This regular brushing is very important to clear any matted or dead hair.

As they spend every minute they can on your lap or beside you on the sofa/in bed, you will want to bathe them regularly, maybe even once a week to keep them fresh.

When grooming your Cavalier, you should pay particularly attention to the hair in between their paws which must be regularly trimmed. If it’s not maintained, it can grow to an uncomfortable length and may even cause your dog to change their posture to avoid putting weight on that paw.

How to manage shedding?

There are some steps you can take to manage shedding, very often it requires weekly or even daily commitment:

  • Use speciality brush –. Speciality brushes are designed for dogs that shed a lot.
  • Groom your pup often – Whether you elect to groom your dog yourself or take him to the doggy salon, keeping him well-groomed reduces shedding and the overall length of your pup’s hair that does shed.
  • An interesting method that works for some people is by keeping your dog covered up. Put your pup in a cute sweater or t-shirt. This also acts like a little sponge, preventing your dog’s hair from spreading.
  • Diet can also affect on the amount of hair they shed. Purchasing high-quality food that promotes healthy coats will reduce excess shedding.

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