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A British-based company specialised in pet hair removal

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We are so happy you found us. A place to get rid of your pet hair and lint effectively and with ease. In 2017, we founded Fur Magic as Nora’s mum was a frustrated consumer. She kept throwing money at products that promised the earth to get rid of her dog’s hair at home but delivered so little.

At Fur Magic, our mission is very simple: to become the UK’s most trusted pet hair remover by selling only tried and tested products that do work.

4 years on we couldn’t be prouder of what we have achieved and produced for the UK pet market. Winning The Customer is Always Right program on BBC ONE and getting one of the highest scores in the series was a testimony to the efficiency of our products.

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Care For Your Pet Hair

At Fur Magic, we know that for pet owners pet hair and pet hair removal are just a fact of life. It’s one of those small inconveniences we accept as part of the doggy deal. If you’re looking for the best tools that will remove pet hair from floors, furniture, and clothing, not to mention car seats and car interiors then look no further. We are a British-based company specialized in pet hair removal. We are always on the lookout to make and produce the most effective and practical pet hair removal tools.

Our Fur Magic brushes are tried-and-tested dog hair removers that have something for everyone, whether you’re dealing with long hair or short fur, with dogs or cats.

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